Take control of a Power Ranger in your favourite eras or create your own in this exciting role playing game that updates the mythology of the long-running show.
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PostSubject: Rules   Sat Apr 01, 2017 5:01 pm

General Forum Rules
  • No posting content that promotes warez, piracy, hacking, cracking, spamming, attacks against networks or servers, pornography, racial hatred, crimes against humanity, inappropriate activities on the servers, or any other actions which violate any applicable laws.
  • No contents which are Illegal, harmful, threatening, improper, slanderous, vulgar, obscene or ethically reprehensible.
  • No content which discloses personal data of other people.
  • No bullying or harassing other members of the forum or staff.
  • No trolling or abusing features of the forum, this includes but is not limited voting and likes/dislikes.
  • No spam. This will result in an instant removal of your post and permanent ban.

Roleplay Rules
  • Members are only allowed one character per account. You can create as many accounts as you wish but this will require different emails or temporarily changing the email on your profile before creating a new account.
  • No god modding, metagaming or any other type of play that could be considered cheating.1
  • Players are not allowed to try to determin the fates of other characters. This includes dialogue and combat.
  • Inactive players are at risk of losing their character. If you can't visit the forum for a period of time for personal reasons, contact a member of staff so was can find a way to handle your character while you're away. If you no longer wish to play as your character, contact the staff with your choice of writing the character out or making it available for a new player to adopt.

1God modding: When someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. And example is when they simply cannot be harmed by any and all means other RP-ers try.
Metagaming: An "out of character" action where a player's character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of.

Rangers, you will need all of your resourcefulness and strength for your journeys. From this point, each of you will be propelled toward a different destiny and will be entirely on your own. Embrace your inner strength and your sense of what is right and you shall succeed. Good luck, and may the power protect you.
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